Six of the Best Place in Europe for Couple Getaways

Six of the Best Place in Europe for Couple Getaways

Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, marriage anniversary, a simple getaway; whatever it is that you have in mind at the moment, Europe has the best places for you to go to with your partner. It takes more than just a candle-lit dinner with romantic songs as background to create a monumental string of unforgettable quality times with your partner. Going to Europe and exploring what the blue continent has up its sleeve for you will complete the mission and help you check an item off the bucket list.

But things would not be simple and easy if you do not know where to go and whether or not you will be staying at one point only. Planning is a crucial element to mind about even though you want the getaway to be romantic. As a matter of fact, planning a vacation with a sound structure will only add to the odds you have in making everything more romantic for the two of you. You can choose to stay at a city throughout the vacation or opt for an inclusive trip to visit more than just one place. Either way, you need to plan everything so you do not get into the continent empty-handed and without aims.

To be fair, pretty much every city within the confine of the continent of Europe bears sort of distinctly romantic atmosphere to it. But to be on the right side, especially if this is the first time you visit the continent, visiting the most-talked and the most-visited ones is suggested. Unless you have the time and necessary resources, exploring other sides of Europe in hope of taking in their romantic air should be reserved for next occasion. Booking accommodations ahead is also suggested to prevent complications from ever manifesting in the future. An array of guesthouses, B&Bs, and hotels are at your service all year around.

Here are some of the best suggestions you can take into consideration for your European getaway with your beloved:

1. Venice
Attractions offered by the Italian province include: Palio of Cavallino, the International Sand Sculpture Festival in Jesolo, the Festival of Madonna dell’Angelo in Caorle, the Riviera in Bloom in Brenta River, the Palio of Marciliana in Chioggia, and the Venice Carnival.

2. Paris
Paris is renowned for its romantic atmosphere as the city is graced with eternal charm and cinematic decors.

3. The Cinque Terre
Located in Italy, the Cinque Terre boasts Mediterranean areas that are well preserved on natural and semi-natural types.

4. Sintra
Located in Portugal, Sintra offers a string of attractions including fantastic culinary gems and historical heritage.

5. Aix-les-Bains
The town ranked number 4 among top spa locations in France. The town is located near the Le Bourget Lake, which is France’s natural lake.

6. London
The city of London bears an atmosphere that is a mix of modern and old elements, plus some historical backgrounds. Stroll down the city streets while enjoying the time with your partner and take in some culture along the way.