Top Best 3 Activities in Komodo Island

Top Best 3 Activities in Komodo Island

With the rapid industrialization, the life in big city keep getting more and more competitive. This condition will lead to a more stressful life. To maintain their sanity, many people choose to go travel to various places or playing casino in One of the recommended places is Komodo National Park in Indonesia. In this island, you can see the infamous Komodo dragon and enjoy the beauty of the island.

The following list will describe briefly about some of the best things to do in Komodo Island for your vacation:

• Trying local cuisine: for those who are culinary lovers, you may want to taste the traditional cuisine of Komodo Island. The recommended restaurant is Atlantis Restaurant. Situated near the middle of Labuan Bajo, you can go to this restaurant with short drive. They offer tasty delicacies and unique ambience, thanks to the unusual huge and old-fashioned pirate ship construction.

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• Climbing Padar Island: considered as one of the most favorite tourist activity, you can enjoy magnificent sceneries of three-colored beaches once you arrive at the top of the hill. You can see pink sand, white sand, and black sand beaches separated by land ridges and glistening turquoise water. This activity is usually included in boat tours.

• Admiring Milky Way above the island: in Komodo Island, you are able to admire the wonderful Milky Way with your naked eye. The most recommended place to see this wonderful constellation is Atlantis Restaurant, thanks to its secluded place. You can also see it by joining a boat tour.

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Those are some of the most memorable activities you can do in Komodo Island according to various travelers. By doing these activities, your short vacation will surely get a wonderful experience and unforgettable memories. Do not forget to bring your camera and capture the magnificent and beautiful sceneries in Komodo Island that you can never find in other places.

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